Dear ETP Students,

Thank you again for donating your time to CoSMO, we understand how busy your schedule is, and really appreciate your coming to help our patients at this great clinic. We hope to provide you with additional tools to further your nursing education. The clinic is located at the Urgicare Center at 21 Audubon (two blocks east of Broadway, and Dallas BBQ, on 166th).

Arrive at 8:15am on Saturday mornings or 5:00pm for the Thursday evening shifts (once a month). Please be on time so we can orient you to the clinic before the general meeting with all clinic staff before our first patient arrives.

Dress should be business casual (no jeans, shorts, short skirts, or shirts with logos) and absolutely no open-toed shoes (this is for your own protection as we handle urine and blood products). Also bring your stethoscope, a black pen, a watch with a second counter or second hand, and a snack as we will be there until 1-3pm and you may get hungry.

Please let us know directly (at the contact info below) if your schedule changes and you can not make it in. Again thank you for your time and we look forward to working with you at clinic!


- Henry Nguyen, RN

- Vanessa Richards, RN

- Megan Greenberg, RN

- Michelle Moglia, RN